How to get rid of your doctor’s prescription in California

In a new bill, California lawmakers are considering requiring doctors to obtain a medical consent form from patients prior to prescribing a drug or device.

If passed, the legislation would require that patients sign a medical information consent form prior to the use of any medication or device that can cause significant harm to their health.

Under the proposed bill, patients would be required to complete a form detailing the specific risks associated with their medications and devices, as well as the steps that the doctor has taken to ensure that the patient has received the best possible information and has been properly informed.

The proposed law is one of a handful of bills introduced in California this year to address a range of concerns that have surfaced in recent years.

The state’s medical marijuana program is among the most active in the nation, with more than 7,000 patients registered to use cannabis for medical purposes.

The bill would also require doctors to provide patients with the name and address of the registered patient(s), as well a list of all prescriptions they have received.

It would also mandate that patients provide their doctors a copy of their insurance card, which would then be available to the physician.

The new law would also provide a list to the patient(es) of any additional prescriptions they may have, including for prescription painkillers, anxiety medications, or any other drug that may affect the patient’s quality of life.

According to a statement from the Assembly Health Committee, the bill is intended to help protect the health and safety of Californians.

“We’re focused on ensuring that the people of California have access to effective medical marijuana and the people who work in the cannabis industry have access, too,” said Assemblyman Jim Wood, a Democrat from Riverside who introduced the bill.