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Yale students informatively tweet about ‘the power of words’

By Laura FittsThe power of writing is to change lives, according to a group of students who recently made the mistake of sharing their first impressions of the power of language.Their post went viral on Twitter, receiving more than 6,000 retweets and a response from Yale professor Dan Gilbert, who called the tweets “the best […]

How to share your nutrition info in a video

The basics: Video is an interactive way to share information and share recipes and nutrition info.Here are some ways to use video to share and share your info: Share the recipe You can share your recipe in a post, video, or blog.You can also use a recipe or recipe link to share the recipe.Link to […]

Which countries are reporting on the ‘influence campaign’ on the Trump transition team?

CNN’s John Santucci reported that the US has confirmed that the CIA’s Directorate of Operations (DOE) has been monitoring the Trump team for months.”CIA has been looking into the Trump campaign, the transition team and associates in the Trump administration,” a CIA spokesperson told Santucci.“We do not know the nature of the communication, and we […]

How to use the latest in biographical information and information age in your life

Business Insider has partnered with Biographical Information Services (BIAS) to offer a complete collection of biographical data on all of the people in your social media networks.The data will help you identify the people you follow, what you like, and which topics interest you.The service is free, and you can sign up for a one-month […]

‘The Informer’ Cast in 2020

The informer casts announced that they have cast their 2020 casts.They have a full list of confirmed cast members and more information will be posted later.In 2020, the cast is made up of some of the most respected names in Hollywood including Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, Jason Statham, Jason Segel, Will Smith, James […]

‘Trauma informed practice’: Why ‘Traumatic Memories’ are such a powerful tool for the treatment of PTSD

Trauma informed practices are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of treatment, as research and practice continues to uncover new and powerful ways to manage and manage the effects of trauma.But in a new study from the University of Texas at Austin, researchers found that trauma informed practices (TEPs) have the potential to help patients with PTSD, […]

Apple’s new $2,399 iPhone 5 is the best phone ever for the money

If you want a new iPhone with an edge, Apple has you covered.This year, the company’s latest flagship phone has been priced from $2.399 to $2 of the new $499 iPhone 5.That’s a hefty difference for the entry-level model, and it means that, with a little work, you can get a new phone for less […]

When are you going to have a proper informal sanctions policy?

When are we going to see a formal policy?In my view, the answer is probably never.If there is ever to be any real sanctions against Iran, the only people that are going to be willing to do it are the Iranians themselves, and there are very few of them.And, as I see it, that’s going […]

How to make a $500 deposit to a cryptocurrency exchange

The process of using a cryptocurrency for an anonymous, secure and reliable means of payment has come a long way in the past few years.But the process is still not as smooth as it used to be.One of the biggest challenges with using cryptocurrencies for payment is that there is no official clearinghouse of crypto […]